Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy BathTub and Swimming Pool Thermometer Dolphin

$17 $34
❤️ Reliable Thermometer - As a parent, baby’s safe and healthy is the most important thing. Stork Suite bath and room thermometer removes all guesswork providing accurate water and air temperature in 1 minute ensuring you are never in doubt that your bathtub or nursery is too hot or too cold or not. 
❤️ Versatile Design – Stork Suite thermometer is not only as a room thermometer but also as a bath water thermometer as well as a safe and funny bath toy for baby to enjoy the bath time.
❤️ Easy to Use – Put the water thermometer into the tub before washing. When the temperature is reached, check if the temperature is right by hand to allow the baby to put it in the bath. After using this product, please dry it and measure it at room temperature.

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