Our Mission:

To provide accessible, affordable and exceptional products to parents while improving the parenting journey through our brand and quality products.

Welcome to our little store

I am Christina, and together with my husband, Yusof, we are the founders of Stork Suite. We have two amazing kids, Sarah and Aiden aged 9 and 5. As the kids are growing very fast, we as a couple, want to promote strong parent-child bonding while creating precious family moments in children's memories during their young age.

The story of Stork Suite began when I decided to become a fulltime housewife while running our online store. We developed Stork Suite with the goal of providing high quality and great value multi-functional products to help you enjoy every moment you spend with your little ones by keeping them as hassle-free as possible!!

As a family run business, we keep the value of family at the core of what we do. The Stork Suite brand is a collection of dedicated parents looking for the best solutions for our kids. Our products are made with lots of love and affection to ensure your baby's comfort and well-being.

Furthermore, these products are luxurious, royal, and fashionable as well as soft and natural on the gentle baby skin We only offer products that we use with our children daily. The products are also available at affordable prices thus accessible to many. 

We began to launch many products aligned with our mission of accessible, affordable and exceptional products, including baby milestone blankets, baby diaper caddy organizers and baby bassinet wedge.

We are continually researching, developing and launching the very best for you and baby, and many more products are on the way.

Through market research and innovative product ideas, Stork Suite brand is made for todays and the next generation. As we say, a Healthy baby is a happy baby. Happy baby brings moms and dads priceless smiles.