Different Ways of Documenting Baby Milestones

Throughout our lives, we may have encountered most of our wonderful firsts on our baby years, especially in the first year. The first smile, first word, first steps – all are just a few of the infant milestones that are worth recording. These milestone developments in babies are so precious that if you are unable to track the remarkable firsts, recording the rest might as well be pointless. Nonetheless, there are different types of milestones for a baby’s first year and there certainly are different ways of documenting them appropriately.

  • For Physical Milestones

This type of milestone might as well be the easiest to identify, as the physical aspects can readily be seen at first sight. While it could also be the trickiest to record, you can overcome it with this cute hack. Use a side-by side comparison for documenting the monthly growth of a baby. You can pick a favorite stuffed toy or pillow and take a picture of the baby next to it every month. This will make the baby’s growth stand out.


  • For Communication Milestones

Parents from the olden days might be so jealous of those of today due to the modern day’s equipment. We could now enjoy hearing their first few meaningful units of language, thanks to technologies that let us audio or video record newborn milestones as they occur.


  • For Thinking Skills Milestones

Sad to say, your little angels can’t be babies forever. They will begin to acquire perception and organization sooner or later. While it’s just normal, these milestones for a baby's first year are still worth jotting down. A classic keepsake book or baby book will work well on this one, as you can have all the space you need for writing the details, cute and messy ones alike.


  • For Social and Emotional Milestones

These types of milestones are more subjectively measured compared to that of the physical category, and it could include many sorts of achievements, too. With such numbers, it would be better to track them down with something that you can still use for other purposes, like a milestone blanket. Not only can you record baby stages month by month; you can still use it afterward even when your baby’s a bit older.


A Milestone Blanket for All Seasons

Modern times call for modern ways, too, such as being practical in the things you buy. By purchasing a single item that can be used in more ways than one, you can definitely be a winner in life. A good example of this smart buying is Stork Suite’s Baby Milestone Blanket. With this item, you will not only be able to record infant month milestones in an adorable way; you will also give your baby a comfortable first blanket that he/she will hold onto for years. Embrace your baby with a blanket for all seasons.