Baby Steps: Essentials for a Comfortable Baby

Preparing for our little bundles of joy doesn’t end in the 7-9 months of their conception in our womb. In fact, those months are just a warm-up for the rollercoaster of joy and pain that’s about to come. You can still prepare for it though, and it just takes baby steps to achieve the results that you want. As they say, a comfortable baby is a happy baby. See how many can you tick off of this checklist of essentials for your toddler’s first year.

o   Clothes

This must be at the top of the list, as you will need it as soon as your baby comes out. In choosing clothes, it’s important to think comfort and ease above anything else. Durable clothing that enables your child to move and explore are excellent choices. You should also keep in mind their bathing needs, such as bathing towels. Keeping your baby in a towel while you dress him up is critical to their safety and health. A baby bath hoodie is ideal for this, as it can easily cover their sensitive heads, too.

o   Diapers and Storage

Try starting with small packs of a few different types so you can test first if it irritates your tot’s skin or don’t fit well. Along with such materials, you should also have a proper and clean space for storage and mobility. It would be nice if you would opt for an essential baby organizer so as to contain all your baby’s needs, not just the diapers.

o   Nursing

Feeding is a sensitive matter, especially in the first months of our darlings. Aside from choosing the right feeding materials for them, we should also take note of their feeding manners. Thankfully, we could assist their nursing with additional benefits in safety and health with a newborn pillow positioner or a bassinet wedge.

o   Soothers, toys, and entertainment

Different babies call for different preferences, but as soon as they cry, they all sure can be tamed by some soothers and toys or some other kind of entertainment. However, it might be best to stick to smooth and soft types as they are gentle to a baby’s sensitive body. Having a baby in blanket as they play is a good idea, and they could have this as their iconic ‘baby blanket’ when they grow a bit older.


If you have ticked off all four, then you might as well be good to go! If you still have something missing, don’t worry! You can find all of those, right here at Stork Suite. So go on with your baby essentials shopping and our storks will be ready to fly with your orders in a jiffy.